As an advantage to our customers, clients and blog fans we allow you to pay your legal bill online:

PAYPAL: [email protected]


CHASE QUICK PAY:  [email protected] (You do not have to be a chase customer)

TEXT A CHECK:  773-255-7608

FAX A CHECK: 312-553-1307



All major credit cards accepted, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We also accept checks by text, email, fax or phone. We also accept Chase Quickpay.  You do not need to be a Chase customer to pay by Quick Pay.  Sign up for an account at and they will transfer payment from your bank account to ours and neither party will see any sensitive information.  Best, it’s free!


Patent Searches: $900-1000, results in one week. Price includes 20 patents uncovered during search. If more than 20 patents were uncovered, we charge $175 extra per grouping of 10 patents
Patent Applications: $2,200 legal fees, plus $500 USPTO filing fee for a simple mechanical invention 20 pages or less. More complex applications are billed at $175 for each page in length over 20 pages.

The total cost of your patent cannot be predicted in advance because of our limited control over what the examiner will find to be acceptable or objectionable in your patent application. During the course of prosecution of your patent application you should expect to receive at least one to two Office Actions from the patent office. We generally charge approximately $1600 to respond to each office action. Further there is a $1000 issue fee which must be paid within three months after your patent application has been approved. Our best estimate of the total cost to receive your patent registration is $8,000 to $10,000 over the course of about 5 years. Please budget accordingly before filing your patent application. Patents are not guaranteed to make money or be used as a “get rich quick scheme”.


Preparing Copyright Application:
$250, plus filing fee of $45


Currently our charges are:*

JMD: $300/hour
Associate Charge: $200/hour

*Complex Litigation may be billed at higher rates

All of our fees are subject to change upon 30 days written notice. We do not generally charge for short email questions or short phone calls that only require a simple answer. From time to time, we do give our clients courtesy credits for work performed, which includes these short emails and phone calls. However, courtesy credits may be revoked at anytime for failure to pay bills promptly (we allow 30 days from invoice date), or for any other behavior which is adverse to a positive attorney client relationship. Courtesy credits are only final and effective at the time of payment.

Please note that all of the above fees are flat fees and do not include any subsequent prosecution work. After your patent, trademark or copyright application has been filed, you will be billed at our normal hourly rates for all work performed on your file. Billings continue until the USPTO issues a formal Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney which you must request from them in writing.


If you do not pay your bill within 30 days of receipt, or do not make payment arrangements in writing with us, you may be charged interest of 18% per cent per annum, compounded according to our Timeslips billing program which is ABA approved.  If you do not make payment after a judgment is entered against you, Illinois law currently allows for a 9% post judgment charge of interest compounded monthly.

If you find errors on your bill, we will be glad to promptly correct them; however, if you do not contest charges within one month of receipt of your bill, they will be presumed to be correct.




Lawyers do not produce products for sale. The only thing a lawyer has to sell is time, advice, consultation and expertise. (Abraham Lincoln quote).  Therefore, if you contact one of our lawyers and ask a legal question, or any question referring or relating to legal matters and we provide our time, advice, consultation or expertise, this time should appear on your next month’s billing statement, unless you have made prior express written arrangements to the contrary. All billing arrangements not in accordance with our normal billing policies must be in writing and signed by a corporate officer of Denison & Assocs, PC. At the current time, we will consider contingency fee arrangements for business litigation with damages in excess of $1 million dollars where liability is clear and the defendants have financial strength and/or adequate insurance covering the liability involved. Contingency fee arrangements are not available for patent or trademark prosecution matters at this time.  Unless you have an agreement in a signed writing, do not assume we represent you.  Get it in writing, please.




If you have failed to pay your bill within 30 days from the mail date or when your bill is processed, we may place an attorney’s lien on your file. This means you are not entitled to have our file, documents and items returned to you until your account is paid in full. We may provide limited access to copies of some documents, at our discretion, if you have agreed to a payment plan with our office and have made some prompt payments. We may return your files, documents and items to you at our discretion without payment in full and without waiver of our rights and remedies.